by 8qsci

Doc Grandma takes the headache out of writing well-documented code, making life easier for the future dev

We all know that code comments are often an afterthought, or can create more confusion than they solve.

Doc Grandma parses your code as you write, looking for areas where code comments can add value and clarity.

Check out our explainer video below:

Manage Code Comments in Real-Time

Doc Grandma scans your code with each commit, asking questions and offering helpful hints to make sure your comments are clear and relevant. 

Managing your documentation tasks in real-time breaks the work into manageable chunks, meaning you’re less likely to fall behind. 

Integrates with your Existing Toolset

Doc Grandma is integrated with your existing version control software and chat tools. 

Keep on top of your code comments by answering her questions using a familiar interface. 

There’s no need to download or run extra apps, keeping your task bar clean. 


Ideal for Collaborations or Individuals

Whether you’re working on code as part of a team, or as a solo developer, Doc Grandma can help to future-proof your work. 

Make sure your comments are clear for others to read. 

Never come back to your work wondering “why didn’t I leave a comment to explain what I did here?”

Doc Grandma cares about the future developers. 

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